History of the domain

Our heritage, celebration as a way of life,
the art of wine as a key to our culture.

Welcome to the heart of Languedoc, to the Saint-Chinian terroir. Here, in the south of France, on our limestone terraced hills, the vines share the land and sun with the garrigue and olive trees. Our family vineyard consists of 98 acres on which we use a system of sustainable agriculture in order to preserve the lasting quality of its soils.

In fact, the property has been in our family for nearly five centuries (since 1551), passed down from generation to generation. In the grounds of our property we’ve found the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa. Our house itself dates from 1911, and is decorated with a Bacchic fresco, showing that the family has always had a tradition of wine-making and festivity.


The new generation

La nouvelle génération

Arnaud (on the right) was launched to make a career in sport (passionate athlete and talented volleyball player), in the long term he wanted to become a sports teacher ... "the call of the Earth" as he says, decided otherwise.

Nicolas studied agronomy in Toulouse, traveled abroad to gain work experience in places as diverse as Peru, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and California.

In 2003, Nicolas began to oversee the harvest season at Viranel, and two years later, he moved there definitively and made it his playground.

Arnaud joined him in 2008, becoming the voice of the siblings (sales and marketing), while keeping a hand in winemaking and blending.


  "Today, by working together, we are writing a new chapter in the history of Viranel. We like to think that by combining our skills, our energy and our enthusiasm with the heritage that has been transmitted to us, we can bring something new on your table. "


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