Intuition - A NEW Cuvée - Saint-Chinian - Languedoc

Still something new at Viranel with the new range of INTUITION wines in red, rosé and white on AOP Saint-Chinian.

A blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Carignan with a light passage in barrels to refine the maturity of the tannins.

For this range we will harvest on our Limestone Terraces which provide something ... different.


INTUITION. nf (lat. intuitio; de in, in, et tueri, voir)

direct and immediate knowledge which does not require recourse to reasoning.

The most receptive of us take our intuition into account, the others suppress it or ignore it.

Some listen to it, others don't! And you ?


“ By opening this bottle you will vibrate with us in the whole process that guided this bottle in your hands. From the selection of the plot, to that of the grape varieties, from the planting, to the tillage, including meticulous vinification followed by a little aging ... she finds herself there, at the mercy of your corkscrew. So the only advice we can give you ... is to drink it in good company! "


Nicolas & Arnaud BERGASSE

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