The Gorge Fraîche

The Viranelous Organic

The Viranelous Organic

In the land of Cessenon, great wines are produced in the family setting of Viranel.

Proudly emerging, the Bergasse Brothers swell the chest from the gorges of the Orb in triumphant freshness.

After years of reflection (heuuu no actually, just aperitifs and BBQ), the Bergasse Brothers join forces with the "fadas" of the Gorge Fraiche to give birth to the Viranelous, a beautiful foam that will make you do "Yeeeeeeepa "and which will also protect you against the dry throat effect.

Viranelous Lager is brewed and aged for 10 months in barrels (having already cradled Roussanne and Vermentino the previous year).

Will you find these aromas?

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