How do you make rosé wine?

How is Rosé Wine Made at Domaine Viranel in AOP Saint-Chinian?

Domaine Viranel takes pride in continuing a long-standing tradition of crafting high-quality rosé wine, deeply rooted in the rich soils of AOP Saint-Chinian. Situated in the heart of the Languedoc, our vineyard is committed to producing wines that embody the essence of our region. But how do we make rosé wine that captivates with both its freshness and aromatic complexity?

Selecting the Right Grape Varieties

It all starts with a careful selection of grape varieties that thrive in our Mediterranean climate. For our rosé wine, we favor varieties like Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault, known for their ability to yield delicate and aromatic wines. Each grape variety brings its unique note, contributing to the complexity of our rosé.

Harvesting: Timing is Key

Harvesting is a critical step in making rosé wine. At Viranel, we opt for night harvesting to preserve the grapes' freshness and prevent premature oxidation. This meticulous choice ensures that the primary aromas of the grapes are retained, a vital element for the final quality of the wine.

Vinification: Blending Art and Science

Vinification of rosé wine at Domaine Viranel is a fine blend of art and science. After destemming, the grapes undergo a short cold maceration. This step is crucial: it allows for the extraction of color and aroma precursors without releasing too many tannins, giving the wine its characteristic hue and delicate fruity notes.

Fermentation: Controlling Temperatures

Fermentation is conducted at low temperatures to maintain the freshness and aromatic intensity of the wine. This careful temperature control is essential to develop the subtle aromatic palette that characterizes Domaine Viranel’s rosé wine.

Aging: The Final Touch

Before bottling, our wine is allowed to rest to refine its structure and perfect its balance. This aging, although shorter than for red or white wines, is precisely adjusted to enhance the freshness and vivacity of the rosé, while giving it a nice roundness on the palate.

Tasting: A Terroir's Expression

Domaine Viranel’s rosé wine is a pure expression of the AOP Saint-Chinian terroir. On tasting, it reveals fresh red fruit aromas, a fine acidity, and an elegant minerality, a reflection of our unique soil in the Languedoc.

By adhering to these key steps and highlighting our expertise, Domaine Viranel not only aims to produce an exceptional rosé wine but also to celebrate the viticultural heritage of AOP Saint-Chinian. Our commitment to quality and our passion for viticulture are encapsulated in every bottle, inviting you to discover the richness of our region.

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