How to choose a white wine to pair with a dish ?

When it comes to choosing a white wine to pair with a dish, the options may seem endless. Fortunately, Domaine Viranel, nestled in the heart of Languedoc, offers a refined selection of white wines that will elevate your meals. Whether you're looking for a wine for a casual dinner or a special occasion, our guide will help you make the perfect choice.

Intuition Blanc AOP Saint-Chinian

The Intuition Blanc is an AOP Saint-Chinian wine distinguished by its finesse and elegance. With its complex aromas of white flowers and white-fleshed fruits, this wine is an excellent choice to accompany fish dishes or seafood. Imagine a delicious grilled sea bass fillet or a fresh seafood salad; the Intuition Blanc is the ideal companion for these delicate dishes.

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Viognier IGP Pays d'Oc

Our Viognier from IGP Pays d'Oc is renowned for its intense aromatic bouquet, dominated by notes of peach and apricot, with a hint of violet. This voluptuous wine is perfect with exotic or spicy dishes. It pairs wonderfully with chicken curry or a lamb tagine, where its fruity aromas and freshness balance the richness of the spices.

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Chardonnay IGP Pays d'Oc

The Chardonnay from IGP Pays d'Oc at Domaine Viranel is a round and luscious white wine, offering a rich palette of tropical fruit aromas with a subtle oaky touch. This wine is ideal for creamy dishes or poultry-based meals. A chicken gratin with cream or a mushroom risotto will bring out the best in this Chardonnay.

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Choosing the perfect white wine for your dish has never been easier with Domaine Viranel's selection. Whether you are tempted by the elegance of our Intuition Blanc in AOP Saint-Chinian, the aromatic richness of our Viognier in IGP Pays d'Oc, or the roundness of our Chardonnay, each wine promises pleasure and harmony with your favorite dishes. Visit our site to discover more about these exceptional wines and find the perfect pairing for your next meal.

For an unforgettable culinary experience, let Domaine Viranel and its exceptional white wines guide you.

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