Pépite de Carignan (AOP Saint-Chinian) Indisponible

Pépite de Carignan (AOP Saint-Chinian)


100% Carignan (old vine planted in 1924)


Limestone terraces

South - South West exposure hillsides

95 years old vines

Yields 25 hl/ha


Hand picked.
Whole bunches (No disteming).
Traditional vinifications with long macerations in concrete tanks.
Extraction by « rack and return » technic only.
Matured in our cellars during 12 month in french oak barrels.


- Well lets tear off this old Carignan? It is no longer useful!

-You can also remove the sea from the Gulf of Lion if you want!

-It is too old, it only produce 25 hl / ha, we need more juice!

-Keep calm bro’, come and drink a round ... we'll talk about it later.

And from this discussion was born "PEPITE 100% Carignan", from the blood of our oldest vine, an old Carignan rooted since 1924 on our clay-limestone soils. Harvested manually and vinified in whole bunches, this wine speaks, makes us travel and reflects perfectly our Mediterranean scrubland. An aging in French oak barrels gives it roundness and complexity.

Serving suggestions

To drink with… whatever you want, but in good company!