How many wine bottles to buy for a wedding?

Tips from experienced wine producers

How many wine bottles to buy for a wedding?

When planning your wedding, deciding on the number of wine bottles to order can seem daunting. Fortunately, Domaine Viranel, nestled in the exquisite AOP Saint-Chinian terroir in the Languedoc, is here to guide you. By considering the number of guests, the type of reception, and your personal preferences, you can determine the ideal quantity of wine to order for your special day.

Basic Estimate Per Guest

A general rule is to allow for half a bottle of wine per person, which equates to two to three glasses per guest. This estimate works well for an average-length wedding meal (four to five hours). If your reception is set to last longer, consider increasing this amount.

Distribution Between Red, White, and Rosé Wine

The distribution between red wine, white wine, and rosé will depend on several factors, including the menu and the season. A good approach is to offer a varied assortment to cater to all tastes. In summer, you might lean towards rosé and white wine, while in winter, red wine might be more popular. Consult our cuvées on our dedicated page to discover the variety of our wines and choose those that will best accompany your wedding menu.

Special Considerations for Champagne and Sparkling Wines

For the toast, plan on one bottle of champagne or sparkling wine for every six to eight guests.

The Importance of Tasting

We strongly recommend tasting the wines before making your final selection. This ensures that the wines you choose meet your expectations and those of your guests. Contact us to arrange a tasting and explore our full range at

Order a Little Extra

It’s always better to order a bit more wine than needed to avoid running short. Unopened bottles can often be returned or kept for another occasion.

By following these guidelines and selecting wines from Domaine Viranel, you’re sure to add a memorable touch to your wedding. Our selection of wines, cultivated with respect for the tradition and environment of the Languedoc, will bring an element of elegance and refinement to your celebration. Visit our wine selection to make your choices, and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or personalized advice.

Château Viranel: The promise of a refined wedding

The ideal number of bottles for your wedding

Exceptional occasions deserve exceptional wine... When it comes to a formal ceremony, a wedding, you want a wine selection in line with the significance of such an important day. When you choose Château Viranel, Saint-Chinian (Languedoc, Occitanie), you choose quality and respect for both the people and the terroir. How to accurately determine the quantity of wine for a wedding?

If you plan to serve two glasses to your guests, you will need to calculate one bottle per three people. The challenge will then be to accommodate the diverse variety of tastes of your guests, and you can achieve that by offering white, red and rosé wines. This will ensure a selection of the best possible matches for the dishes served.

Reserve your bottles of the most exquisite Château Viranel wines. Find here the complete wine selection and contact us via the online form.


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