What is a tannic wine?

Subtlety, intensity and texture... Our wine producers tell you more about tannins

What is a tannic wine?

What is a Tannic Wine? The Richness of Viranel Wines in the Languedoc AOP Saint-Chinian

In the fascinating world of wine, a term often heard but sometimes misunderstood is "tannic". Tannins are natural components found in many wines, especially reds, playing a crucial role in a wine’s structure and taste profile. But what exactly is a tannic wine, and how do the wines from Viranel Estate in the AOP Saint-Chinian, located in the picturesque Languedoc region, stand out in this regard?

Tannins: The Essence of Tannic Wines

Tannins are polyphenols extracted from grape skins, seeds, and stems. They can also be imparted by aging in oak barrels. In wine tasting, tannins manifest as a drying or astringent sensation, often felt on the gums and tongue. A tannic wine, therefore, is one where this sensation is particularly pronounced, offering a robust structure and notable aging potential.

Domaine Viranel: A Unique Expression of the Saint-Chinian Terroir

While tannic wines are renowned for their bold character, it's important to note that not all Viranel wines are tannic. Located in the AOP Saint-Chinian, Domaine Viranel epitomizes the excellence of the Languedoc terroir. This region, known for its diverse climate and varied soils, allows Domaine Viranel to produce a range of wines that fully express the richness and complexity of their grape varieties.

Wines for Every Palate

Domaine Viranel, while acknowledging the value of tannic wines, strives to create wines that cater to the tastes of all wine enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a full-bodied, structured red or a lighter, fruitier wine, Domaine Viranel has something to offer. Their expertise and passion are reflected in every bottle, showcasing the exceptional quality of wines from the Languedoc and AOP Saint-Chinian.


Understanding what a tannic wine is opens a door to the richness and diversity of the wine world. Domaine Viranel, with its prime location in the AOP Saint-Chinian in the heart of Languedoc, offers a unique experience to explore this diversity. From robust tannic wines to more delicate and aromatic ones, each bottle tells a story of this region’s unique terroir.

Contact Château Viranel, wine producers in Cessenon sur Orb, near Saint-Chinian, and discover the list of red wines, some tannic and powerful, others fresh and fruity, but all derived from responsible farming.

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