How do you make red wine?

Harvest time: quality grape varieties and flavoursome wine

How do you make red wine?

The Secrets of Red Wine Making at Domaine Viranel in Languedoc

Nestled in the heart of the AOP Saint-Chinian in Languedoc, Domaine Viranel is renowned for its exceptional red wines. The art of making red wine is a delicate blend of tradition and innovation. But how is red wine made at Domaine Viranel? Let's uncover this fascinating process.

1. Rigorous Selection of Grapes

It all begins in the vineyards of Domaine Viranel, where special attention is paid to the selection of grapes. Typical Languedoc grape varieties, like Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, are carefully cultivated to reach perfect maturity. This crucial step ensures the quality of the wine's aromas and structure.

2. Harvesting and Destemming

Harvesting, done either by hand or mechanically, occurs when the grapes have achieved an ideal balance of acidity and sugar. At Domaine Viranel, particular care is taken during this stage to preserve the integrity of the fruit. Following the harvest, the grapes are destemmed, separating the berries from the stems.

3. Fermentation and Maceration

The magical transformation happens during fermentation. Natural yeasts convert the grape sugar into alcohol, releasing the characteristic aromas of red wine. At Domaine Viranel, maceration, which can last from several days to a few weeks, allows for the extraction of color, tannins, and flavors from the grape skins.

4. Pressing and Aging

After fermentation, the wine is pressed to separate the liquid from the solids. It is at this stage that the wine begins to acquire its complexity. Aging, in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks, is a crucial aspect at Domaine Viranel. This maturation period varies depending on the desired style of wine.

5. Blending and Bottling

Blending is an art where different wines are combined to create the final profile. At Domaine Viranel, this step is performed with expertise passed down through generations. Finally, the wine is bottled, ready to be enjoyed.


The making of red wine at Domaine Viranel in AOP Saint-Chinian is a process where passion, terroir, and craftsmanship meet. Each bottle reflects the essence of Languedoc, an invitation to discover a world of flavors and aromas. Visit our domain for an authentic experience and to taste our exceptional wines.

To learn more about the red wine vinification process, contact Château Viranel's winemakers (Nicolas and Arnaud Bergasse) by filling out the online form provided.

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