The best wines from Languedoc (Occitanie)

Discover the range of wines by Château Viranel

The best wines from Languedoc (Occitanie)

When it comes to exploring the best wines of Languedoc (Occitanie), a region renowned for its diverse viticulture and quality wines, Domaine Viranel holds a special place. Nestled in the heart of the AOP Saint-Chinian, this family estate blends ancestral know-how with modern viticultural practices to produce exceptional wines. This article aims to highlight some of the flagship cuvées of the estate, showcasing the richness and variety of Languedoc wines.

Le V de Viranel

The cuvée Le V de Viranel serves as a perfect introduction to the characterful wines produced by the estate. This cuvée is an expression of the unique terroir of Saint-Chinian, where traditional grape varieties thrive under an ideal climate. Le V de Viranel stands out for its aromatic complexity and finesse, making it a choice ambassador for Languedoc wines among connoisseurs.

Cuvée Intuition Rouge

The Cuvée Intuition Rouge is another remarkable expression of Domaine Viranel's expertise. Crafted with respect for the viticultural traditions of the AOP Saint-Chinian, this cuvée demonstrates the estate's ability to create powerful yet elegant red wines. Cuvée Intuition Rouge results from a meticulous selection of the best parcels, offering a wine with a refined tannic structure, ripe red fruit aromas, and spices, reflecting the richness of Languedoc wines.

Cuvée Viognier

For white wine enthusiasts, the Cuvée Viognier represents an equally prestigious aspect of Domaine Viranel. Made from a grape variety emblematic of the region, it is characterized by an intense aromatic bouquet, blending floral notes with fruity touches. The Cuvée Viognier is a eloquent demonstration of the estate's capability to produce high-expression white wines that can compete with the best Languedoc wines.


With its cuvées Le V de Viranel, Cuvée Intuition Rouge, and Cuvée Viognier, Domaine Viranel embodies the excellence of Languedoc wines. These wines, from an exceptional terroir and generations of expertise, are perfect ambassadors of the richness and diversity of the region's wines. Whether you're a connoisseur in search of complex and refined wines or simply a wine lover eager to discover the unique flavors of Languedoc, Domaine Viranel offers an unforgettable viticultural experience.

Terroir wines that regularly win medals and awards in major competitions

The Saint-Chinian terroir, exceptional wines

"Dark ruby colour, black fruits hints, flavoursome on the palate, elegance and finesse..." The vocabulary of wine is imaginative and refined when it comes to describing the best AOC red wines from Languedoc (Occitanie), those that have won the most prestigious awards. Thus, on the list of Virtuoso Wines, in Montreal or New York, under the guidance of a jury made up of oenologists, winemakers and restaurant owners, the wines of the Saint-Chinian terroir regularly stand out from the rest. And during these blind tastings,  experts and wine professionals all agree: the complexity, length and  balance of the Saint-Chinian terroir wines and Château Viranel wines always make the difference. Their identity and uniqueness stand out.

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