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As a Haut Languedoc wine maker, Château Viranel has been developing its activity in scrubland wine producer for five centuries. As part of our family's heritage, our know-how is now oriented towards responsible farming in Haut Languedoc. Whether you are looking for scrubland wine producer or AOC wines rich in aromas, Château Viranel is the wine producer from Languedoc (Occitanie) to contact.

Combining manual expertise and modern equipment in our cellar, we offer a diverse wine list thanks to different types of soil in our vineyards. Our Haut Languedoc terroir wines are grown on grès, rolled pebbles or clay-limestone soils, and our vineyard extends over several hectares.

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If you are looking for scrubland wine producer or outstanding Haut Languedoc wines, our expertise in scrubland wine producer will ensure that your wines are fragrant and match all your dishes. As IGP or AOP Haut Languedoc wine producers, we have chosen to grow vines in a healthy way. This environmental commitment is reflected in sustainable, pesticide-free farming. With a strong focus on organic Haut Languedoc, our environmentally friendly approach is a real asset in scrubland wine producer.

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Château Viranel perfects its activity of scrubland wine producer in a characterful, stone-built property dating back several centuries. Our exceptional vintages such as the Tradition or Signature ranges are divided into red, rosé and white wines in AOC Haut Languedoc. If you are looking for scrubland wine producer, our vineyard will undoubtedly meet your criteria.


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